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Magda Ryniec is a goldsmith by profession, however, she is fascinated by artistic metalwork. Artistic jewellery has been created in her studio for twelve years. The first material of the artist was brass. After several years she found herself interested in alpaca. Brass, especially its warm colour, in combination with patterns inspired by prehistoric cultures, e. g. old symbols of the Sun, makes her products look like ancient jewellery. Hence the name of her first collections - solar jewellery. Alpaca resembling silver, however, gives the models nobler and more classic character.

Artistic metalwork is usually associated with big forms, nevertheless, Magda Ryniec's jewellery fulfils tastes not only many women but also men. They can find something for themselves as well: pendant key rings, tie-clips, cuff links.

All patterns can be made of both metals depending whether the customer prefers jewellery of warm colour shades or the one of cold silver glow. Brass and alpaca go together successfully in one model which makes brooch, buckle, pendant or ring look intriguingly and originally.

That is how with the jeweller's precision solar jewellery comes into being in the wide variety(earrings, studs, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, belts, ornamental pins). Therefore Magda Ryniec's artistic metalwork provides numberless opportunities for combining and setting the chosen elements.

2011-04-14 | 4 Święto Pamy Wielkanocnej
Zapraszam na najbliższy weekend do Częstochowy! Moje stoisko będzie przy ul. Najświętszej Maryi Panny III Aleja! Do zobaczenia!!!
2011-04-08 | Poznań 9-10 kwietnia 2011
Zapraszam do Poznania na najbliższy weekend, na giełdę kamieni i minerałów, będę tam ze swoją biżuterią. Poznań hala Widowiskowo-Sportowa "Arena", ul. Wyspiańskiego 33. Godziny otwarcie: 10,00-18,00. Do zobaczenia!
2011-03-02 | Barwy Kobiety
Zapraszam do Hotelu Scandic w Gdańsku ( naprzeciw dworca PKP Gdańsk Główny, 8 marca 2011, o godzinie 20,00 na pokaz: fryzur-najnowsza kolekcja fryzur Bogna Hair Design, stylizacji, mody, wizażu i biżuterii.

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